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Table of standard amounts considered adequate financial resources

For a stay of at least six months Standard amount per month under the Wwb* Per month, excluding holiday allowance
Married couples/unmarried
couples living together
€1,304.37 €1,239.15
Single parents €913.06 €867.41
Singles €652.19 €619.58
Short Stay Visa €1,304.37 €1,239.15
Amounts stated above are valid from 1 July 2010
*Wwb = Employment and Assistance Act
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For stay as a student Standard amounts per month under the Dutch Student Finance Act (Wet Studiefinanciering)
  Per month, including tuition fees Per month, excluding tuition fees
Preparatory year €659.69 €659.69
Students participating in the Socrates/Erasmus programme €659.69 €659.69
Students at upper secondary vocational level (MBO) €737.04* €652.62*
Students at higher secondary vocational level (HBO)/university level (WO) €794.69 €659.69

Amounts stated above for study are valid from 1 January 2010 until 1 September 2010 (*for students at the upper secondary vocational level (MBO) until 1 August 2010).
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The amounts are based on the net standard amounts established on 1 January and 1 July each year by the Minister of Social Affairs & Employment in the context of the Employment and Assistance Act [Wet Werk en Bijstand].

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