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Popular Essay Competition and W-Talk : Challenge and Opportunities towards industrial revolution 4.0 in developing countries

Through essay writing, we assume that many thoughts from youngsters will be collected efficiently. Those who have ideas about the challenges, opportunities, and even experiences in implementing cyber technology for development in the field of food, life and earth, can still participate without attending the symposium. Ten best essays will be invited to present their ideas during mini-seminar (W-talk). Their thoughts will be composed as a book of ideas, which subsequently used as a tool for interest stakeholders advocacy. Requirements to join the competition are attached in the appendix.

Subthemes: Industrial revolution 4.0 on:

  1. Food: modern agriculture, 3D-printing foods, food manufacturing which involves food production, food supply chain and food quality management
  2. Life: the internet of things beneath synthetic biology, bioinformatics, medical appliance production, nanotechnology, social transformation, and livelihood
  3. Earth: sustainable emerging city, smart urban, remote sensing, environmental surveillance, geospatial data management

General requirements

  1. Essay must be made in the form of popular writing, in this case opinion essay. Participants are expected to be able to apply analytical thinking, writing skills as well as  self-experiences to develop favourable essay.
  2. Essay should be made based on the aforementioned sub-themes ( life, food and earth ).
  3. The writing format follows these rules, namely: Times New Roman 11 with space 1.5; margin 3-3-3-3; an essay should consists of 800-1000 words and sent in the form of word file.
  4. Short biodata of the participants need to be put in the last page of the essay.
  5. Essay will be sent via PPIW (Indonesian Student Association) email, with subject : Nama_Universitas_Jurusan_Judul Essai
  6. Essay will be  sent along with  scan of student card or any other student identity.
  7. Essay can be sent at the date and time that will be determined later on by the committee.
  8. An essay must be the authentic one,  and it has neither been published yet nor won previous essay competition.
  9. Essay will be  judged by the juries based on the evaluation rubric which contains 3 general aspects  as following:
  • Idea and the authenticity of the essay
  • Its conformity with the determined theme
  • writing styles etc.

The competition winner and reward

  1. A participant with the best essay will get the reward in the form of money as a respect to his/her contribution to the competition
  2. The best five essays will be published in the Indonesian Student Association website and the writers will get souvenir.
  3. All  participants’ works will be collected and published in the form of electronic book. This book will be distributed to the participants.
  4. The best ten essays will have an opportunity to present their ideas in W-talk youth symposium on 28th October 2018.


Important Dates:

Essay Submission : 17 August – 17 September 2018

Essay Assessment : 17 September – 25 September 2018

Announcement : 28 September 2018



W-Talk is a part of this competition. The main aim of this event is to facilitate the discussion among youngsters. We will arrange a mini-seminar to present the best ideas from essay competition. We will adopt the concept of TED-talk by inviting those youngsters from different background of knowledge to talk about their ideas or experiences regarding challenges and opportunities of industrial revolution 4.0 in developing countries. This talk will be based on our three subthemes. This event will be held on 28 October 2018.


For more information:

+31 6 22584513 (Rizal)

+31 6 26002429 (Syauqah)



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