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PPI Wageningen participated in Hatta Cup 2017

By Nur Alim Bahmid

Hatta Cup 2017 was the first sport competition held by Indonesian Student Association in Rotterdam on March 12th 2017; consist of six sport branches: futsal, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and obstacle run.
Indonesian Student Association in Wageningen (PPI Wageningen) participated in the competition on three branches; namely Futsal, Basket, and Badminton. Besides basketball, both branches are the frequent sports practiced weekly by the members.

This event in general went well. The basketball team of PPI Wageningen unexpectedly achieved a great result by successfully reached semi-final match after being the champion in the group A without lost; winning from other teams, PPI Rotterdam, Delft and Maastricht. In the semi-final, the basketball team was unfortunately lost from EESA. Nevertheless, this was an amazing achievement despite lack of training.

While futsal team was reported lost in the first match, the badminton team succeeded to the semi-final for double and quarter-final for single male matches.
Hatta Cup 2017 was the first sport event participated by PPI Wageningen during the early 2017 and became a good lesson to be more frequent in training and be prepared for the upcoming events.
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