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[PRESS RELEASE] Gebyar Indonesia 2019 – Embracing Diversity in Indonesian-Dutch Cultural Collaboration

Contributor of Gebyar Indonesia 2019

Wageningen, 29 October 2019 – Indonesian Student Association in Wageningen (PPI Wageningen) had organised the Gebyar Indonesia 2019 at Orion Building-The Spot, a place where Wageningen University academics from various countries gather, play and relax. Gebyar Indonesia 2019 was held with the aim of commemorating Indonesian youth pledge day and introducing the diversity of Indonesian culture to the international community in Wageningen.

This year, the Gebyar Indonesia began with traditional games such as the game of marbles (pebbles), bekel balls, and eating crackers. Not only the game, the participants of the event also seemed enthusiastic to queue to taste various culinary cuisine such as the Selat Solo (Indonesian beef steak), Semur Ayam, Gado-Gado (Indonesian Salad), Perkedel, Kaastengel, and Kue Cubit which had a value of acculturation between Dutch-Indonesian. The culinary was served as a form of modern diplomacy in order to strengthen relations between cultural heritages. The participants also seemed enthusiastic to visit the Science booth that presented the facts of traditional Indonesian food science such as pletok beer, tempe semangit, and dangke. In addition, there was a batik exhibition booth that displayed tools for batik including techniques, history, types, and examples of batik products in Indonesia.


Visitor played the Game of Eating Cracker


Science Booth: An Indonesian Student explained about ‘Science behind Indonesian Foods’

After that, the main series of events began with remarks from the Chairperson of the Committee, Chairperson of PPI Wageningen, and continued with remarks from Mr. Din Wahid, a representative from the education attache for the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands. The performance began with an opening act that showed the combination of dancing, theatrical, and flag-raising performance with the accompaniment of Indonesian Pusaka song.

After that, Indonesian National Anthem-Indonesia Raya was sung together. After the opening, Wagenesia vocal group sang a medley of Indonesian songs namely Es Lilin (West Java), Sik Sik Sibatumanikam (North Sumatra), Rasa Sayange (Maluku), Gundul Gundul Pacul (Central Java), Janger (Bali), Si Patokaan (North Sulawesi) ), Cik Cik Periuk (West Kalimantan), Yamko Rambe Yamko (Papua), Indonesian Heritage, and Youth. This event was held lively and approximately, there were 300 participants coming to this event.


Keynote speech by Mr. Din Wahid

The visitor of Gebyar Indonesia 2019 Event

Opening Act of Gebyar Indonesia 2019



The event continued with traditional dance, including Muli Betanggai (Lampung), Mappadendang (South Sulawesi), Muang Sangkal (East Java), Belibis (Bali), and continued with a fashion show. The event took place lively along with the performance of Angklung Wageningen that sang the song of Yamko Rambe Yamko (traditional song from Papua Province) and Kopi Dangdut. Afterward, this event was followed by the acoustic performance.



Gebyar Indonesia was closed with a Poco-Poco (Maluku) dance flashmob which was performed enthusiastically by all participants. This flashmob is a form of brotherhood and togetherness that warm the civitas academics of Wageningen University by the spirit of youth pledge.

Enthusiasm of the Audience in Gebyar Indonesia 2019

By: Rio Lawandra (The Chairman of Gebyar Indonesia Event)


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