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World Café: Indonesia

By: Novita Eka Syaputri

There were many joys happened at Number 3, Bornsesteeg on Saturday night last March 11th. IxESN Wageningen (see for more information) held their regular World Café event, with this month’s theme was about Indonesia. PPI Wageningen helped to arrange the event and tried to bring as much as Indonesian ambience to the event.

The ‘café’ was opened by Sentari Wageningen, performing Tari Sembah Penguten from Lampung and continued with a presentation about Indonesia, from culture trivia to little interesting facts about Indonesian. Svara Caraka and Angklung Wageningen also took part of the event and were entertaining the guests while they were enjoying the Indonesian delicacy; Bakwan, or also known as vegetables fritters, and cilok, or tapioca dough with satay sauce, were brought to indulge the guests’ palate.


The café started from 8PM and went on until midnight and was closed by the crowds enjoying the typical Indonesian music: dangdut. One of the guests said that this was the most packed and pleasing World Café that he ever visited. He also added that he was having a very good time at the Wold Café: Indonesia. Thanks to all the performers and the chefs behind those mouth-watering snacks!


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