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Participation in the Thymos Olympics


March 31st 2017 was a historical day for PPI Wageningen. On that day, PPI Wageningen won an Olympic competition as therunner-up This competition was actually an annual program organized by Thymos which was part of the One World Week at Wageningen University; followed by international students from several continents in the world including Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe. This competition consisted of seven sport branches: basketball, beach volleyball, table tennis, relay race, football, high jump, and long jump. As an additional entertainment, a photo-booth session was included in the games for all the participants.

All games were able to be vanquished by our team which led us to the final. However, the Wagenesia FC (our team name) must have admitted the forte of a combined team of Italian-Spanish. Our opponent beat us in a game called tchoukball by slightly won with score of 2-0.

The participation of PPI Wageningen not only basically shown consistency of Indonesian students in Wageningen, but also exhibited a nationalism spirit for beloved country Indonesia. Hopefully, this achievement can be maintained in the upcoming sport competitions.


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