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Angklung Wageningen at Indelftnesia 2017

By: Nur Kholiq


People say that your attentiveness towards your home country increases when you are miles away from home. That’s, indeed, not a wild thought since we are experiencing it, now. Apart from the busy schedule in university, we still have a chance to feel like at home by performing Angklung at InDelftnesia event, on last 25th of February, 2017. InDelftnesia 2017 was a cultural event organized by Indonesian Student Association in Delft, The Netherlands. The event offered several programs such as dance and music performances, as well as the Indonesian food stalls.

As you might have known, that Angklung is an Indonesian traditional music made from bamboo tubes attached to bamboo frame. Of which each piece of instrument is only assigned as one note. Therefore, it requires a synchronized movement from all the players in order to deliver a harmony. Through this simple cultural approach, we surely learned a lot how to deal with diversities within a team.


Towards the day of performance, after one rehearsal to another rehearsal, such an excitement was obviously expressed on everyone’s faces. The Angklung team of PPIW which was consisted of 22 people performed 3 different songs; L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole, I just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder, and Kopi Dangdut by Fahmi Shahab.

On the day of performance, in a black suit, conducted by Nadine Pricilia, the Angklung Wageningen played the listed songs. Some people tried to guess what was the title of songs, while others just sang along.. There was also some people who put a smile on their faces, either they remembered such a famous Indonesian song Kopi Dangdut by Fahmi Shahab, or simply really enjoyed the performance.. The Angklung Wageningen performed twice, which was in the afternoon and evening session. However, during both performances, the Angklung Wageningen gave a workshop on how to play Angklung. More than 20 people joined the workshop, from kids to adults, men and women. Indeed, there is no limitation to learn how to play Angklung. We gave basic tutorial to play the Angklung instrument and the workshop was closed by playing a simple song together.


By then, we called it a day! It was super cool experience, when we see how people seemed to be happy with what we have done. Such a nice paid off for all efforts that we already gave for the performances.


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