[:en]DCC #4: Indonesian Embassy Visit to Wageningen University and Palm Oil Discussion[:]

[:en]by: Lini Anisfatus Sholihah

Indonesian students in Wageningen University were excited to welcome Mr. Bambang Hari Wibisono as attache of Educational and Cultural Affairs and representation of Immigration Affairs, on June 4th 2016 in Campus Forum Building. During apporximately 2,5 hours of discussion between Indonesian Embassy representative and students, they also gave walk in service for new students from February Intake  to report their arrival in The Netherlands. This agenda was routinely conducted by Indonesian Embassy to Wageningen University, as the largest campus destination by Indonesia students after Groningen University.




The event continued into scientific yet relaxed discussion themed, “The Challenges and Opportunity of Indonesia Palm Oil Sustainability”. This discussion was a part of collaboration from PPI Wageningen and PPI Belanda. Two Wageningen PhD students, Mr Sakti Hutabarat and Titis Wardhani, explained about Economical and Social Aspect of Palm Industry in Indonesia and its Sustainability Aspect respectively. The former secretary general of PPI Belanda in 2011-2012, Reonaldus, was presented as moderator and led the discussion became more cheerful like the name of event suggested but was still informative. The presentation files of this event were available to download in here as well.


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