[:en]Indonesian Kitchen with ISOW: Exotic Indonesia[:]

[:en]By: Arti Indalah Tjakranegara

This collaboration kitchen between ISOW and PPIW was held on 27th February 2016. There was around 60 peoples who were very enthusiastic about Indonesian cuisine and joined in the dinner. They came from various nationalities and background, and we served them with the full course from appetizer, main dish, and dessert.



We prepared cimol and cilok (street food from the west java which is made by tapioca starch) as appetizer, bakmi jawa (Javanese noodle) as main dish, and bubur ketan item (glutinous black rice porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar). The responses from people about the food was very good. They thought Indonesian cuisines were very tasteful. Besides that, we also played some videos about tourism places in Indonesia that will make you want to go to Indonesia as soon as possible.

Therefore, don’t forget to join us in the next kitchen! 😀


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