[:en]Jalan-Jalan Bersama PPIW: Zaanse Schans & Keukenhof![:]


By: Muhammad Fadhlullah

This year, a trip event to Zaanse Schans and Keukenhof has been held by PPI Wageningen. The event that was held on Saturday, April 23, 2016, was followed by 81 people, consisting of 73 Indonesian students in Wageningen (with friends/family) and 8 international students. This activity facilitated the participants to relax for a bit before facing study and exam week.

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In Zaanse Schans, the participants can visit a variety of traditional Dutch windmills and craft centers such as klompen (traditional Dutch wooden shoes), cheese, and chocolate workshops. Then at Keukenhof, they can enjoy beautiful landscape of tulips garden with different colors and patterns. In addition, the event also coincided with the peak of activity in the Keukenhof. Therefore, the participants can also see the flowers parade. To sweeten the trip, the participants can also participate in the photo contest with various prizes, such as trip to Iceland discount voucher (sponsored by Koh William), tickets to attend a Rapunzel musical theater (sponsored by Zoera Travel and Tour), and other interesting prizes.



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