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Popular Scientific Writing Workshop: Writing is Easy!

Popular Scientific Writing Workshop: Writing is Easy!

By: Dika Fajri Fiisabiilillah and Sausan Atika Maesara

On 24th April 2016, in collaboration with Academic Division and Information-Communication Division of PPIW, Popular Scientific Writing Workshop was held in Forum C314. The speaker was Nadya Karimasari, PhD Candidate of Sociology of Development and Change. She is also currently a resource of WUR blogger. The total participants were 21 persons comprised of master students and PhD candidate. Most of the participants were the contributor of e-Magazine PPIW.


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The workshop consisted of 2 sections. First section was about introduction and motivation. Each of participants expressed their motivations and issues in writing. The common issues shared by the participants were about lack of willingness to translate things inside their mind into writing. Therefore, the speaker concluded that in writing activity, it is better to have colleague to support each other. The second section were introducing type of styles in popular scientific writing. Based on the speaker, there are 3 styles to start a writing which could be referred to: 1) wrong assumption, 2) outliers case, and 3) trend changing. During 2 hours of workshop, the participants showed good ambience and create a lively atmosphere. So, why do you have to wait? Let’s start writing now!



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