[:en]Workshop Infokom #1: How to Design a Good and Attractive Poster[:]

[:en]by Dika Fajri Fiisabiilillah

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, Indonesian Students Association in Wageningen (PPI Wageningen) held a workshop about how to design a good and attractive poster in PC0432, Forum Building. It was started from 11.05 and ended at 13.30 CET. We invited Mario Lingga and Dhani Wahyudi from Indonesian Students Association in Netherlands (PPI Belanda) as the speakers and/or trainers. Both speakers are the experts in poster making which recommended by PPI Belanda. During the workshop, we could felt the enthusiasm from the participants. There were more or less 30 participants who followed this workshop and really enjoyed with what the trainers give to them.


In the beginning of the workshop, there were some basic knowledges that the speakers give about the poster, for instance about types of poster, elements of poster, tips and trick in poster making, and some softwares which can be used to design a poster. Then, after the break, the workshop continued by doing an exercise to make a simple poster of one event in PPI Wageningen (Jalan-Jalan Bareng PPIW –red). There were many questions arose during the exercise, especially about practical things. We are really grateful since both speakers can handle it well. In the end, PPI Wageningen gave a sertificate for each speaker and continued by take a picture together. Please anticipate for the next workshop for more knowledge regarding Information and Communication. Many thanks to Mas Mario and Mas Dhani.



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