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It’s Final! International Student Scientific Conference 2015


ISSC (International Student Scientific Conference) is an annual scientific conference held by Indonesian Student Association in Wageningen since 2013. The conference is held with a certain topic corresponding to the rising issues internationally. This conference serves as opportunity for international students and researchers to present their researches in public. The idea is to capture more ideas and achieve a broader understanding of the problem context, methodologies and relevant results. Furthermore, this conference would also bridge them to policy makers, where the conference outputs will be transformed into policy recommendations and will be submitted to the relevant parties that directly deal with those issues.



The International Student Scientific Conference raises the following topic: ”Improving Food and Agricultural Products to Accelerate Sustainable Future”.

The above topic will be classified into several subtopics as follows:

Law, regulation and policy – what regulations are needed to support sustainable process and how to implement them in different condition.

Fundamental science and technological application – basic knowledge on science and technological development to improve food and agricultural products.

Social and environment – impact of  the  green  products  on  sociological perception; influence of new technological process on environment.


Keynote Speakers

Bungaran Saragih:

Former Ministry of Agriculture from 2000-2004. Also Senior Lecturer at Bogor Agricultural University at the moment. His publication include “Multi-Dimensional Aspects of Rice Farming Diversification in Indonesia”.

Peter Oosterveer:

Senior Lecturer at Environmental Policy chair groups in Wageningen UR. His research interest includes field of globalization and sustainability of food production and consumption. His interests are in particular on global public and private governance of food towards sustainability, including labeling and food certification.


Time and Venue

Day & Date: Saturday, 28th of November, 2015

Time: 10:30 – 18:00

Venue: Forum Building, Room C413, Wageningen University

Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen, The Netherlands



Registration is available until 20 November 2015, 23:59 CET via this link.

Free seminar kit, certificate, and Indonesian lunch.



Phone  : +31-687-947-666 (Amanda)

Email   :



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  1. Anita Friday November 13th, 2015 Reply

    Apakah ada biaya pendaftarannya? Thx.

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