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One World Week (Press Release)

(Indonesian Students on One World Week)


Written by: Zikrina Istighfarah-International Relation and Cooperation Division.  

One world week is an annual event organized by Wageningen University and Research together with international associations to celebrate diversity. PPIW, as one of the associations, has been given a chance to share the beauty of Indonesia. On Thursday 4th of April 2019, “Indonesian Night Festival” has been held. It took place at the Forum Stage and was attended by a lot of international students who were curious about Indonesian culture.

The theme of this event was about Tempeh, traditional food from Indonesia. Tempeh is commonly known as fermented cooked and dehulled soybeans by Rhizopus spp. However, in Indonesia, many other types of tempeh exist. In the end, three different dishes made from tempeh (tempeh bacem, deep fried tempeh, and orek tempeh) were served to meet the curiosity of the audience.

The origin of those different types of tempeh is also from different regions in Indonesia. Therefore, various performances from Aceh until Papua were also shown to emphasize the rich and beautiful cultures in Indonesia.

The first performance was “Bengawan Solo” by Angklung team. The song is about the longest river in Java island. The team played the song wonderfully and made the audience applauded. The second one was a traditional dance from Madura, East Java called “Muang Sangkal” by two Indonesian girls. The Forum was full of amazement from the audience after their lovely performance was finished.

The next one was also from the dancing team. A traditional creative dance was performed by four Indonesian girls. It was a combination of several traditional dances from the west part until the east part of Indonesia. The joyful performance was enjoyed a lot by the audience!

The last performance was from Angklung team with two songs. “Manuk Dadali” is a Sundanese song about Garuda, an eagle bird, the national symbol of Indonesia. Finally, “Kopi Dangdut” was played to close the event. The audience was so lit. They danced and sang along together with the performers.

Overall, “Indonesian Night Festival” was a wonderful night! PPIW as the organizer highly hopes that it can be held again next year.






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