[:en]Spring Photo Contest[:]

[:en]Wageningen Spring Photo Contest

 The photo competition is based on two categories:

1.   Meaning of colors in different world cultures

This theme is aimed to inform people about the meaning of color in the divers of cultural differences.

2.   A Blissful Spring

Show us the beauty of your spring life with the combination of your joy and love in photography


Term and Condition

  1. The photo is within ‘one’ of the two themes; anyone can upload double photos for different theme.
  2. The photo is about anything you find interesting during this spring.
  3. The participant is a member or special member of PPIW.
  4. The submitted photo is an Original photowork of the contestant and never been published.
  5. The submitted photo must not contain any racist or religious issue
  6. The submitted photo will become the property of PPIW with all credits still goes to the owner
  7. Decision of the jury is absolute
  8. There will be award for the best photo.

Photo Submission

  1. One participant can submit as many photos as he/she wishes
  2. Manipulation of the photo (addition or substraction of elements) is strictly prohibited
  3. Simple editing (e.g crop, filter, burn, color and exposure) is still allowed
  4. The photo resolution is 800 x 600 pixel minimum
  5. The photo has to be

1) posted on participant instagram account, with mentioning @ppiwageningen and adding #springphotocompetition, #chosen_theme_number and

2) submitted via email to ppiwinfokom@gmail.com with format as follows:

Subject : Wageningen Spring Photo Contest
Body     :

·        Full Name

·        Phone Number/WA

·        The title of the photo

·        Short description of the photo


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