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Spring gathering dan garage sale

Spring Gath 2 Garage Sale 1

Spring is coming! After struggling with Netherlands’ rain and powerful wind in winter season, finally the season has changed. Family Division PPI Wageningen, not waste this opportunity to share their happiness in the spring. The goal of this event as well as the event became acquainted with friends March intake, which is now a part of the family of PPI Wageningen.

The event took place is very exciting, because it consists of a wide range of game group that aims to bring closer its members and families. Several series of games such as song, guess, guess, guess and motion picture success makes its members entertained because the heat of the competition that takes place. The session continued with a meal together, and the announcement of the best group and best dresscode.

In addition to playing and eating lunch together, on this occasion the entrepreneurial Division of PPI Wageningen also held a GARAGE SALE! Who is selling the goods of second-hand who donate the majority by members of the PPI Wageningen himself. The event took place successfully, and all happy. Thumbs-up to the organizers and all participants!


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