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Toastmasters 1 – A PRESS RELEASE

By Ummu Syauqah Al Musyahadah, Division of Self Development of PPIW 2019


Participants of PPIW Toastmasters


Intended to improve our confidence to speak in English in public, on March 1, 2019, Indonesian Student Association in Wageningen (PPI Wageningen), through the Self-development division carried out the inaugural PPIW Toastmasters.

Putting up a theme “LDR with your Love”, which is a very interesting theme, the participants were very enthusiastic in delivering their thoughts around the theme provided. They were divided into several roles with tasks including prepared speech for those who could prepare a 5-minute monologue and impromptu speech that answers questions from the table topic master spontaneously. Guided by a talented host, Geena Charmansyah, various love stories were raising up, starting from how I met my soulmate to how I finally broke up with someone I considered as my soulmate. Iqbal was named as the best speaker in this toastmaster.

The participants also said they were satisfied with this toastmaster activity, and hoped that activities like this could be held regularly. Likewise, the committee said they were happy with the good feedback from the participants. Besides, Randa as the Table topic master, advised the participants to always manage their eye contact when executing a public speech. Well, it is a very precious suggestion.

Are you curious to know more about how Toastmasters(TM) PPI Wageningen? Let’s look forward to the next TM series, cheers …


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