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Angklung of Wageningen at Southeast Asia Cultural Event (SEACE)


Angklung Wageningen has lengthened its list of performances in cultural events to keep on showcasing the world about this particular traditional music instrument. The event, Southeast Asia Cultural Event (SEACE), was held in Nijmegen by Indonesian Students Association (PPI) Nijmegen on 22nd of April 2017. As it can be seen from the name of the event, there were other Southeast Asian countries beside Indonesia who participated showing off their own cultures.

Angklung Wageningen played three songs during the performance, which were: Manuk Dadali, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, and Kopi Dangdut respectively. In addition, the performance was also accompanied by cajon. This was a new challenge for the team as they had not been playing with cajon before; on the other hand, this brought new positive atmosphere to the team as the music became more complete. There were several unexpected problems occurred during the event, such as the condition of the waiting room which was not as the team expected, the disturbing and shocking noise during the performance, and the unplanned public speaking request to one member of the team. In spite of those, the team was successful to counter all of those problems so the performance was done very well.

By this, we believe that the team was shaped to be a much better and more solid team.



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